KOREA MEDAL 1953 with MENTION IN DISPATCHES emblem named to: 206084 MAJOR N.L.MILLER (161 BATTERY, ROYAL NEW ZEALAND ARTILLERY)........ Norman Lawrence Miller, served 5 years in the Australian Imperial Forces, appointed to the Emergency Force 29/8/1950, embarked Wellington SS Ormonde 10/12/1950, entered Korea 31/12/1950, Lieut. (Temp. Capt.)........ Awarded the Military Cross: L/G 5/2/1952: “On 3 October 1951 he was a forward artillery Observation Officer with a squadron of Centurion tanks supporting infantry of the 28th Brigade. Early in the engagement Captain Miller’s tank bogged down and became exposed to heavy enemy mortar and shell fire. The Captain left the tank and accompanied the infantry on foot carrying and operating the radio set himself. The following morning after his tank had bogged down again, Captain Miller, on foot, provided accurate and timely artillery support right onto the infantry’s objectives. Previously when on patrol with the Infantry on 15 September, Captain Miller was wounded in the head and evacuated by helicopter but insisted on returning with his wound unhealed, in time to participate in the new offensive”....... Promoted Major 1 June 1953....... Awarded Mention in Dispatches: L/G 30/04/1954 p.2554: “In recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Korea during the period 1 to 27 July 1953”........ Miller served in Kayforce 1950-54, SOS The Emergency Force and was posted to the Retired List on 18/07/1954. He was discharged in Japan on 16/07/1954......... This medal is believed to be a duplicate issue. He was also awarded the U.N. Korea medal, and was later entitled to the NZ Operational Service Medal, the NZ Defence Service Medal & the ROK Korea medal. Extra Fine condition.