Three clasps ALMA, BALAKLAVA, SEBASTAPOL, named to 2019 MURDOCH McLEA, 93 SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDER, privately engraved. Replaced suspender & clasps........ Murdoch McLea was part of the Thin Red Line, a military action by the 93rd (Sutherland Highland) Regiment at the Battle of Balaklava on 25 October 1854, during the Crimean War. In this incident, the 93rd, aided by a small force of 100 walking wounded, 40 detached Guardsmen, and some Turkish infantrymen, led by Sir Colin Campbell, routed a Russian Cavalry charge. Previously, Campbellā€™s Highland Brigade had taken part in actions at the Battle of Alma and the Siege of Sebastapol. There were more Victoria Crosses presented to the Highland soldiers at that time than at any other. The event was lionized in the British press and became an icon of the qualities of the British soldier in a war that was poorly managed and increasingly unpopular. Very Fine condition.