TUKISH WAR MEDAL 1915, often referred to at The Gallipoli Star. Created in 1915 as an award of merit specific to World War I, this medal was not a campaign medal, but a medal for military merit. The medal is often referred to by nicknames, such as the "Gallipoli Star" in English, or the "Eiserner Halbmond" (Iron Crescent) in German. The medal is star shaped, approximately 56 mm. across, with ball finials, a raised silver edge and red enamel. A raised crescent, open at the top, encircles the center of the badge, and inside the crescent is the Tughra of Sultan Mehmed Reshad V, over the date "1333" (1915). The back of the medal is blank with a horizontal brooch (pin replaced with piece of wire), maker marked B.B.& Co. Without any enamel chips, maker marked B.B.& Co. horizontal brooch pin. Very Fine condition.