Group of nine – DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS GVIR (reverse dated 1941), 1939/45 STAR, AIR CREW EUROPE STAR, PACIFIC STAR, DEFENCE MEDAL, WAR MEDAL 1939/45, NZ WAR SERVICE MEDAL, NZ OPERATIONAL SERVICE MEDAL, NZ SERVICE MEDAL 1946-49, awarded to: NZ 40732 FLIGHT LIEUT. W.D.BROWN, 75 SQN. RNZAF........ DFC L/G 27/4/1941 75 (NZ) Sqn. RAF (Wellington) "One night in March 1941, this officer was rear gunner of an aircraft which was returning from a bombing mission, sighted a Messerschmitt 110 at some 300 feet below his aircraft. In spite of bad visibility he was able keep the enemy aircraft in sight. After a few minutes it climbed to attack, but, by excellent judgement and marksmanship, Flying Officer Brown fired three short bursts and the enemy fighter was seen to dive straight into the sea. On a previous occasion when he identified an approaching aircraft as hostile, his instructions to the captain enables him to manoeuvre his aircraft so that the ensuing fire went under the tail. Flying Officer Brown then used his fire to drive off the enemy aircraft which left in a damaged condition"......... On 3 April (not March as recorded in the citation), while retirning to base following the attack by the Me110, their Wellington aircraft collided with a Blenheim which crashed and was totally destroyed. The Wellington was badly damaged – the port wing was buckled and the leading edge smashed in to depth of of about two feet – half the port elevator was ripped away with the remainder being torn out of its bearings but still attached to the control rods. The under portion of the rear turret also suffered damage, tearing away the turret floor. Nevertheless the pilot retained control and made a safe landing. Flt. Lt. Brown’s ratgets included – Le Havre, Ostend, Berlin, Dunkirk, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Hanover, Gelsenkirchen, Cologne, Bremen, Brest and Dusseldorf. During 1942-43 he was attached to 1 OTU RAAF at Birnsdale, Victoria as a gunnery instructor, returning to the UK for a refresher course in November 1943. Returning to NZ in April 1944 he was posted a gunnery instructor to 3 (Flying Boat) OUT (Catalina) RNZAF at Lauthala Bay for six months from Jun 1944. In 1946, he served as Adjutant 14 Sqn RNZAF (Corsair) with BCOF, Japan......... Together with Observers & Air Gunners Flying Log Book covering the full duration of Brown’s service, 18 original photographs including some of the damaged Wellington bomber after the collision with the Blenheim, copies of the RNZAF files and some research. Medals mounted as worn. Extra Fine condition.