CM0554. N.G.S. GVIR clasp MINESWEEPING 1945-51 - Specimen has been added to your Cart
Polished slightly curved blade measuring 38.8cm in length, signed on the tang Omi (no) Kami Hisamichi. If the signature is genuine (most are not) it would mean that the sword is dated in the late 1600’s There are several Hisa Michi who used the Omi no Kami title. The mounts on the hilt are typical for Seinan War (Satsuma Rebellion, as depicted in the film The Last Samurai, a revolt of disaffected samurai against the new imperial government, nine years into the Meiji Ere, that lasted from 29 January 1877, until September of that year). Contained in black lacquered wood scabbard. Very Good condition.