German World War One Commemorative badge for Army Zeppelin crews, 800 hallmarked silver, measured 6.2cm across, maker marked with a crescent moon and crown makers mark, engraved on the reverse “LZ17 “SACHSEN” 1913 1915, 8 MARZ 1927” ........ The badge was founded in 1920 and and every recipient had to buy his own badge. There are a number of different makers and varieties. Maybe the 1927 date was when this recipient got his badge......... LZ 17 Sachsen was the fourth Type H improved Schwaben-class Zeppelin that first flew on 3 May 1913 and operated as a passenger airship with DELAG (Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft) until WWI, when it was commandeered for service with the Imperial German Army and equipped with bomb racks capable of carrying up to 3,000 kg (6,600 lb) of bombs as well as machine guns. After it took part in several raids against Antwerp, it quickly became clear that the airship was not suitable for warfare on the western front. In early 1915 it was transferred to the Imperial German Navy, continuing with smaller raids on Białystok and Ciechanów throughout the year. LZ17 was dismantled in 1916 and was one of Germany's most successful small airships. Very Fine condition. Very Fine condition.