GROUP OF THREE TO OBERGEFREITER KARL MULLER, 2ND PANZER DIVISION - IRON CROSS 2nd Class 1939 with award document issued at Nicaea (Greece) dated 5 May 1941, 1939 WOUND BADGE in Black with award document issued at Beezkow (Russia) dated 17 December 1941, DRL SPORTS NADGE bronze, together with stick pin & award booklet dated 3 September 1937, RJA(Reichsjugendabzeichen) stick pin & the award booklet dated 25 August 1931........ WEHRPAS issued at Mannheim on 31 August 1937, very nicely filled out with 26 pages having some form of entry. It contains a very nice photo of him in uniform. He saw service in the West, then in Bulgaria and the Balkans, and then In Russia in the drive to Moscow. On 10 October 1941 during the Moscow push, he received a splinter injury from a mortar round to his right foot. It appears the injury prevented front line service after that date......... A SUPURB SERVICE TIME PHOTO ALBUM, containing 90 photos, starting with the campaign in the west, through Greece and finally the Russian campaign. Photos include destruction in the West, comrades, destroyed British aircraft, destroyed tanks, half tracks, blown bridges, captured enemy, columns of troops, Panzer tanks, tanks in the field & snow, destroyed Russian aircraft and much more. The final pictures show him in the hospital and on crutches wearing his awards....... A really nice set.